Have you ever felt
unfulfilled with your job?

Trading hours of your life
for a limited paycheck?

Do you wish you had more time
freedom to be adventuring?

Are you passionate about wellness, 
mindset & feeling your best

Are you eager to
live life by your own design?


This free training guides you to our platform, which includes an online business community that provides you with resources, mentorship, a high ticket product to promote globally, and the step by step processes to be successful.

We either have so little time to spend with family, or not enough money to do the things we truly want. We have one life and we all deserve to truly have the freedom + energy to travel, work, play, spend time with family, live out our dharma (purpose), + enjoy this planet we get to call home - all on our own terms - whenever and wherever we want.

No prior tech or online knowledge required!
  • Share a high ticket product that you align with  - globally! 
  • Educate others on the importance of water in their daily life - Up-leveling your health and the health of your family as you go.
  • Master Organic + Paid Advertising  - No begging friends or family to buy from you. 
  • Share information and run a business that promotes less plastic use - Saving the planet one business partner at a time.
  • Use online automation so your business works on autopilot – Freedom to live life on your terms. 

Consumed by the anxiety that being glued to her office chair, or stuck in hours of traffic while commuting to her city life office job was all she had to look forward to - Alisha quit her 9-5, moved out of her hometown, purchased acreage with her husband, and has started building her dream hobby farm and travelling more than ever. This has all been fueled from starting her online business. Allowing her the time & financial freedom to pursue her true dreams & not just follow the "society norms".

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